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Alright, never mind that problem now, I have completed the mission now.
But now there is an other problem.

Both the Rebel and Imperial campagin is suposed to have 15 missions each right?

I have only played 5 levels in the imperial, and I'm at the last mission!

If i remember correct, the first mission i did in the IMP campagin was to defend the INT Compellor, taking reprairs at a repair yard.

And strangly enough, i have all the cutscenes for the Empire ( the intro, the one with the Imperials destroying the smuggler base, the one with the Imperials capturing Rebel transports and the last one when the Imperials destroy the rebel shipyard) although I never had completed those missions.

Oh, and last thing is that the game crasches when the final cutscene is over and the Campagin debrief shows up and i press next.

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