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Originally Posted by ensiform
I say, finish up tweaking the current one and make most it work. Then maybe expand on that like post Korriban events. (Maybe have it choose which path to take at beginning) So that you can play things out as if you played good and didn't kill rosh (or did).
That will actually be up to the coders on whether they want to. I can't code for nuts. I can only study source material ie. what we currently have, and create new content based on that eg. maps

I do hope someone eventually gets around to making the entire JKA campaign work in co-op though

mcm: hmmm I like a KOTOR-based campaign, but I'm not too sure that what you mentioned will be a hit. I'm aiming for something more canonical

This is what I actually had in mind:

It seems that KOTOR timeline's the most popular around here. It'd be good if someone can come up with something that is canonical and makes players feel like they're heroes

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