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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
pick away negsun and check out while youre at it. All 3 of my rigs are shuttles at home. Apart from being wonderfully engineered and great to work in, using them has made a discernable impact on my electricity bill too.

I thoroughly recommend them to people asking, and for those that ask me to build a gaming/home theater pc, simply wont use anything else! Pretty, small, powerful but efficient - awesome kit IMO

Check thy PMs

Fancy spending 23,000GBP (or $45,500USD)?
This PC can help you do that...Wow, talk about overpricing, the comments speak volumes really.

Or if you'd rather get a new PC instead of a house, sell your current one and buy one of these...Seriously, 375,000BGP ($740,000USD) for it and all you get is a 7200GS!!! *speechless*

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