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"Demote me?" Jasper asked. "That is the most insulting punishment... I'd just as soon leave the Order and be a rouge. If master Gravinustus wishes to duel me, then afterwards, I challenge you to duel... if he doesn't wish, then let it begin immeadiately."

Jasper turned to Itreya. "Don't worry about me... I'm not as easily as defeated as some of these people think. The worst that will happen is that I'll leave the Order... but don't worry about that. I wouldn't think that someone that was nominated for Grandmaster would demote me... I think he would be rather... annoyed at another Jedi telling him what to do." Jasper smiled and his eyes glowed gold. "I'm glad you think so highly of me, but I WANT to do this... I've wanted to spar against him ever since I was a padawan. I have a few tricks up my sleeve..."
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