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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
How does it play QuickTime stuff cause I'm trying to get rid of QT but I can't see the codec for it in the list, even in the "Mega" version of it...
Negsun - IIRC - youre a vista user - if so - you cant go past the vista codec pack Everything the k-lite pack has, and more, I can verify it has quicktime filters Even a superb x64 add on if you are using vista x64.

if you want to unload just QT, and not install anything else > there is also Quicktime Alternative (basically just the QT filters on their own, so you can open them in other players.)

for xp users, apart from using something like vlc player, if you like the control that codec packs allow(they do if you know what youre doing!) then the most comprehensive is the CCCP


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