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"For having such a great and wise mind of a Jedi Knight, you sure don't seem to like being left out of the loop at all, do you?" Asked a voice which used small strange muffled and mechanical tone. Turning around would show the voice belonged to Mike. Beneath his mask, the Nautolan smiled at the sight of the Jedi Knight's ease dropping. Mike knew little about Camevon, expect of his rank and that he was the apprentice of Jedi Master Jason Travestnie, something Mike envied him for. Not because who his master was, but because he had a personal master to train him. Mike on the other hand was trained by everybody and nobody. During his time in the temple, he had only learned the Jedi way through group training sessions, holocons and practice.

"So have they had made an overall decision?" Mike asked stepping forward, following the knight's example and giving in to his curiosity.

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