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((Joint post with Jasra))

"Something smells.." Raelyn began, coming into the common room. "... mmm... sorta... well... not totally burnt..."

"Crispy?" Jyot suggested. Raelyn frowned thoughtfully.

"Nnooo..." she drawled. "Umm... well, maybe... keep listing adjectives..."

Slighty carbonized? A bit over well-done? Not quite vulcanized?"

Raelyn laughed. "Aren't we being a little overly helpful this mo... is it morning?" She frowned. "No. There's no such thing aboard a ship, drifting - albeit at high speed - through space. Time, day and night have no existence where it's all black... and artificial light."

"Well artificial light aside, my stomach says that it's dinnertime." He looked at the plate, then grinned before taking another bite. "Apparently," he said, as he strained to chew. "You cook, Rae?"

With a shudder, Raelyn answered, "I dispise the activity..."

"But she's the one that kept the two of us alive when it was just us," Colin added, coming in behind her. With a glare to her brother, Rae muttered a few things under her breath. The doctor laughed. "What's wrong, Rae? Can't I want to taste your cooking again?"

"Hey, in my book, if she doesn't burn stuff, she can cook. Besides, everyone should pull their weight on this boat. " He raised his brow. "And we don't have a full time cook. I was thinking about asking Alec to let us hire one, but... maybe it's better we hire internally. What do you say, Rae? Fancy being the ship's chef?"

Raelyn shook her head stubbornly. "Hells. No."

"You're good at it," Colin pointed out. Raelyn made a face at him.

"Still no," she answered stubbornly. Colin chuckled.

"That's fine, Rae," he said. "You don't have to do something if you don't want to... and I wouldn't want to embarrass you by telling you what you ought to do. Do as you like."

Raelyn stalked out and Colin grinned at the people around the table. "She'll take the job. Give her 'till tomorrow and you'll start finding her in the kitchen. To her, 'you don't have to' is a challenge."

Jyot raised a finger in acknowledgment. "I'll remember that. Thanks."

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