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Onuu was in utter shock, his uncle was dead! Like that he was gone, and nobody felt the need to tell him. Half the people in the room knew he had been on a surveillance mission gathering Intel on the sith, and that he had no way of communicating, no way of receiving a transmission to tell him of his uncle's death. Yet they acted like he was supposed to know, and just unashamedly vote for a new Grandmaster like it was no big deal, they acted like he, Onuu, didn't care, like he didn't matter all because he wasn't related to the Grandmaster through blood.

Then again, since his uncle had no son, he himself was supposed to be next to be Grandmaster, ((Sorry for saying this, but that's true, in Arthurian legend, Gawain was next in line for the throne, but he never took it up though. )) but he would feel absolutely horrible if he accepted that role. Senior Master Gravin was the oldest Master in the order, or so he recalled, he was the deserving one. But with his mind in such a shock from the sudden news, Onuu wasn't thinking clearly, he didn't want things to change, he didn't want anyone taking his uncle's place. And most of all he felt appalled, and absolutely ashamed of the Masters as they squabbled over who would be next in line for Grandmaster, had they forgotten he was in the room?

In Onuu's eyes they had degraded themselves lower than even the sith, they were dishonorable, degenerate fools, and they soiled his uncle's honor and memory by even holding this meeting. Onuu stood, many Masters grew quiet, he simply began walking towards the door.

"Master Onuu, are you alright? You haven't cast a vote yet," one of the masters spoke out to him.

"I'm not going to," he replied solemnly. "I'm ashamed to even call myself a Jedi, let alone a Master right now with all of you disrespecting my uncle," he told them, the Masters whispered to themselves as he said this.

"We haven't disrespected him, we honor him, and hold him in our hearts as we discuss who shall succeed him," said another Master.

"That's it! You shouldn't be discussing it, it should have been known and decided the moment my Uncle died who would succeed him. You show a great lack of faith in the Force and it's will," Onuu retorted rather calmly, but accusingly. "And Knights," he said, pointing an accusing finger at Jasper. "Should not question the decisions of their betters," he said, still his voice calm, but there was a threatening undertone. It seemed Onuu had already figured out that Jasper had been smart mouthing the Masters and their decisions since the Grandmaster's death.

"You may all think I am acting out rashly, and like a child I throw a tantrum at the knowledge of my uncle's death. But I say no. I am acting as I acted so many years ago when I met the challenge of the Strange Force Wielder who shamed and dishonored my Uncle in his very presence. If it weren't for the fact that you are all of the Jedi Order, I would challenge you all, just as I challenged that man, who's title only I know," he told them.

"You should all feel ashamed, especially for putting forward Jedi Knight Travestnie as a candidate. He denounced himself, and I agree with him, he has neither the full skill, nor wisdom to deal with the position of Grandmaster. I don't say this to degrade his honor and skill as a Jedi, on the contrary, I feel he is very deserving of the position of Master, but to put him so readily forward as Grandmaster was just pure ignorance and stupidity, and whoever did nominate him should feel the greatest shame of all," Onuu said to the quieted congregation of people.

"I had no intension of preaching to you all, so I must take my leave before I shame myself further," he said, walking slowly towards the doors. "But if you must have my vote," he said, his hand on the door. "Then I nominate, myself," he spoke in a neutral tone.

The masters gasped and began mumbling and whispering amongst themselves with great shock, as if it were the greatest sin in the world to promote one self's own position, as if he were being selfish. In all truths this was to the contrary, he was after all, the Jedi of Purity, he did not believe in the selfish promotion of one's own power and position, he only did this to honor his uncle, by stirring the masters to action, as words would get them nowhere. And as all these events occurred, Onuu only stared at Master Gravin, who sat quietly, observing the situation. Master Onuu held more respect for Master Gravin than anyone else, as he was a respectful person in his own right. He knew that he would win the nomination to Grandmaster, this situation would only help that fact, and he would gladly serve Gravin.

He gave Gravin a small nod, and turned to leave, only to pause again to look at his Aunt, the Grandmistress. He gave her a long hard, and sorrowful stare, before he shook his head as if to say that he was ashamed of her the most. And then he left. He wished Senior Master Gravin the best, and if by some miracle of the force he himself was voted to become Grandmaster, he would readily decline and give the position over to Senior Master Gravin.

As he closed the door behind him, Onuu realized that the two seasoned knights were gone, and that they had been replaced by a curious juvenile knight, and a padawan. He stared at each one quietly, his face blank. He moved past them without a word.

He paused, "don't get caught." He said to them in a quiet and sad voice, moving off towards the Youngling Quarters, where he could drown out his sorrows in the innocent joy of the children, they were after all, the wisest of all people.

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