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The silence that followed engulfed the room, wrapping us in a funeral shroud. The shroud, however, was not for the Grandmaster, but for all of us in the Jedi Order. Master Onuu's words had rung so true that no one stood to speak--or dared to breathe. We were all to blame for this dishonor of our leader and his sacred memory. How had we succumbed to bickering and powermongering so soon after his death?

"It is I who shoulder the greatest responsibility," said my Lady, the Grandmistress. "I should have trusted in the words of my husband's Page and nominated Gravinustus immediately. The Force works in mysterious ways, and through holding this meeting, I've shown a supreme lack of trust in its will. Master Onuu is correct in that we have behaved in a manner worthy of Mandalorian raiders, not Jedi Knights and Masters. Thus, I shall bring this Conclave to a close in short order. No other outcome will do.

"The nomination of Master Gravinustus to take my husband's place has been formally moved and seconded. No other Jedi Master has received a seconding of his or her candidacy. Does anyone else wish to do so?" She raised a thin eyebrow. More silence. I couldn't tell whether we were silent from shame or if we had nothing more to say.

"Then, in Severinus' name and that of the previous Grandmasters of the Jedi Order--and especially in the name of the Force--I hereby proclaim Master Gravinustus, known as Gravin, as Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. Go in peace, and may the Force be with you." She lowered her head and hands, looking very much like an aging widow.

"Mistress?" I asked, timidly stepping to her side. I lay my hand upon her upper back, and I noticed that even though she was trying to hide it the best she could, she was trembling. I felt the weight of sorrow pressing on her spine, threatening to crush it.

"Stand down, Itreya," she said sadly. "If you wish to watch the duel, then you may do so, but as for me, all I will say is that I hope the discipline and respect we all share--or shared--will soon return. Go and see Onuu when you can. I'd like to hear his preliminary report on the Sith, although he may be insulted that I didn't come myself."

"Very well, my Lady. As you wish," I replied, an uneasy feeling settling in the pit of my stomach. "I don't know if Onuu knows me, my being your humble servant, but I am a Knight as well. I serve the Force as well as all of us and need to hear such news."

"The duel, the duel!" she cried, her head jerking upward suddenly as if out of a trance. Several Jedi Masters, most of them in fact, were clearing out of the Council Chamber, forgetting they would watch and assess the skills of the Knight in question. "Knight Vontrapar, if you are ready, you may take position on one side of the circle, and Master--Grandmaster Gravinustus--will take the other. Itreya? What say you?"

"I will watch if the combatants wish it," I answered sadly, "but I would fain (rather) see Master Onuu as soon as possible. Jasper? I am ashamed of what we all have done. My advice to you is to stand down, for my sake and that of all of us. Would Grandmaster Severinus have wanted a sparring duel to take place on the very evening of his death? I think not. I'm sorry--I'm just so--why, why did he have to leave us?"

"Excuse me," said the understated voice of the Padawan Page who had announced the dire news that had unsettled us all at breakfast. "My lady Linieva? It seems that your husband's body has not yet become one with the Force. I am sorry."

This time, my Mistress did not care if she hid her tears or not, and summarily wept.

I bit my lip. What would Jasper do, and Master--Grandmaster--Gravinustus?

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