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Originally Posted by Arátoeldar
Thank you for the heads up Pavlos. Any ETA as to when the final version might be released?
After trying both firm dates and "When it's done" they've sort of settled on a happy medium. They don't set themselves a public deadline so it can be moved without a thousand fanboys shaking their fists and crying foul. But they also don't leave us in the dark about things until the patch is released. Essentially, they make the process transparent and so we have a pretty good idea of when the patch will be completed but they don't have to rush things to meet a deadline.

Best of both worlds.

Originally Posted by tk102
Fixed 75 spells?!
Yeah, so far as bug-fixing goes this seems like a pretty hefty patch (not much for new features, though).

They did plan for 25 new spells in 1.12 but it got shifted to the next update. Though, while I'm pleased with Obsidian's dedication to making NWN2 a better game and keeping everything up-to-date, I do wish they'd document their changes properly. I opened the toolset the other day to find out that things like check-boxes (for True/False settings in area properties) had been introduced in place of the selection boxes. These things are improving the useablity of the toolset (as well as helping to fix the "O, God, what sort of hellish development environment have I stumbled into?!" image) but they're not broadcast across the world.

They can make patches they just can't document them .
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