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Question K1 Bastila StarForge-fight: dialogue doesn't continue after 1st fight?

Hello and btw thanks for this forum and for all mods available so far. I'm currently using appr. 30 mods and playing LS female, all mods worked relatively well together until I got to the final fight vs. Bastila on the Star Forge. After the first dialogue-sequence the following 1st fighting sequence doesn't stop - Bastila does lose HPs until 1HP remains, but the 2nd dialogue sequence won't start. However, it does continue when playing with another savegame as LS male, so I presume it has something to do with:
- Master Kavar's Bastila and female Revan - untold love story mod (and Darth Shan's additional fix for it)
- Allronix' dialogue pack 2.1
- Wotor v1.03 mod (k_psta_pcwalk.ncs?)

After examining Allronix' k_sta_bastila.dlg file with dlgEditor, I think the script k_sta_basttalk1 seems to be my problem. Maybe the script doesn't understand that I'm female and at the same time having a romance with Bastila...I don't know.

Could anyone provide some advice on that? I haven't found anything in this forum so far.
Many thanks in advance,
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