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Originally Posted by Faelion
Yeah, I agree that, if this course was taken, OJP should be compatible with DF.
Out of curiosity, how would this package work exactly? Would there be (intead of OJP Enhanced or OJP Basic) OJP DF? Or would you add the feature into OJP with a script that would upload DF's files along with OJP in response to a command? Or something else? (just asking)
Mmm, some repackaging would probably be in order to make the levels available without blowing up the OJP menus.

Quite a while ago I was working with the DF mod to make their mod CoOp. However, it didn't work out due to a lack of betatesting and organization. By the time they got around to the 6 level pack, I'd already retired from modding.

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