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The vibroblade hummed it's low tune as it cut it's way through a light armor layer and then into the skin of a Rodian saboteur who had managed to blow up the cat-like creature's most precious thing: his ship. With a cold smirk on his face, the Cathar lifted the groaning Rodian up against the wall with the vibrobalde as deep as it went inside the green flesh.
"Nothing to lose anymore. Tell me who payed you and I might make it swift for you" Jhamrok grunted at the Rodian who laughed in the crackling and annoyingly high voice before spitting in the Cathar mercenary's face.
"Fine. Have it your way" Jhamrok said, twisted the vibroblade ever so slightly and pulled, severing a major organ inside the Rodian which would cause an irreversible and painful death within 48 hours.

As the Rodian slumped down in pain, Jhamrok pulled the blade out, wiped the Rodian blood on it's clothes and then took a step back with a cold look in his eyes. The white figure looked at the docking ring entrance nearby where his ship had once been but where now only debris floated outside of the ring. He flexed his joints with loud pops and cracks sounding in the corridor before the man continued onwards, leaving the Rodian to die alone but not before attaching a tracker on the saboteur in order to make sure that if he was taken by his accomplishes, Jhamrok knew where they were and thus who payed for the hit.

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