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Yeah, Jason Court and Co. are a must, IMHO, but it depends on whether or not they're willing to reprise their roles.

The other thing I didn't mention is that I'd like to see a smooth transition from the player being in control, to a scripted cut scene and back again. If you've played Rune, you'll know what I mean - except that in Rune your character didn't actually do anything during those cut scenes.

It might also be nice, if they intend to switch to external plot points (a la DF, JK), to use similar wipe techniques to the original release of the Star Wars movie. Just to give it that retro feel. ;-)

Finally, going back to my earlier point, I've just watched a demo movie for the upcoming Duality game - and it does a pretty good job of showing dynamic action from different camera angles. If that movie is a cut scene, it's pretty damned good. If it's in-engine, it's mind-blowing.

That's the kind of dynamic cut scene I'd like to see in smaller doses, of course.
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