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Even though Camevon never was good for social interaction, he welcomed the chance to talk to someone. "Quite a bit has happened," he responded quietly. Mike joined his side at the door. "Onuu just came in extremely angry and berated everyone for even daring to nominate my Master Jason, if I heard him right." Cam scowled. "Then the arrogant little schutta nominated himself."

To be truthful with himself, Cam realized that he really had never met Onuu before this instance, and it might be a bit selfish to judge him so soon, but.... Onuu had irritated him with his remarks toward Jason. And he had become irritated even more with the apparent arrogance that had, yet again, reared it's ugly head.

"But, it seems that they've finally nominated Gravin. And, for his first act as Grandmaster, he's going to start by dueling Jasper." He smiled grimly at Mike.
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