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Will_990 wrote:
It must have something to do with this script I mentioned.
Nope, the k_sta_basttalk1 only checks the value of the global Sta_BastTalk that is used to track the dialog during the fight. None of the scripts that change that global should be affected by gender or the romance tracking global.

The 2 alternate endings mod could be the cause. I'll check it's contents later today when I have time.
Will_990 wrote:
removing the dlg files for Bastila won't trigger the sequence at all, so I can't proceed either way.
That shouldn't happen with Allronix' dialog pack and I don't think the other two mods you mentioned before could cause that either. This also seems to suggest that the 2 alternate endings is the cause.

EDIT: I checked the contents of the 2 alternate endings mod and found nothing that should affect the Dark Bastila fight. Some of the scripts didn't decompile though. The only thing that I can suggest is to save the game during the fight with bastila and then use the save game editor to change the value of the global number Sta_BastTalk to 1.

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