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I'm a male, light side Revan (tried darkness once, and hated it. Tried female once and hated it too.) I hated having dark Bastila because she had the luosiest powers and abilities. I mean, the level fourteen light Bastila I had before the Leviathan could have beaten the level seventeen evil Bastila. It wasn't a fair trade-off, she didn't even have Force Cure! Second, I hated killing everyone. I honestly felt like I was betraying real friends. (not that I ever betrayed real friends, that was just my concept of what it might feel like.) I always have redeemed Bastila, because I love happy endings. Accept once I accidentally said the wrong thing and she tried to kill me, than another time I accidentally executed her.

My idea about what happens after the game is as follows: The crew and Republic armada leave the system the day after the awards cerimony, heading off to eliminate the remainder of the Sith forces spread across the Mid and Outer Rims. Revan and company work for several months as an extension of the special operations, then people slowly start to go back to their lives as the remainder of the Sith forces flee to unknown space. Carth to the Military, Canderous to his life of mercenary work since things have calmed down, Juhani to the Jedi to be knighted, Mission, Big Z, and Jolee head back to Kashyyk for obvious reasons. They still keep in touch, though holonet to Kashyyk is rather fuzzy. In the end, two years after the Battle of Rakkata Prime, Revan receives his vision of the True Sith, and chooses to marry Bastila before going away to his likely death. The pair marry in a small cerimony on Kothlis, hoping to avoid the media they have been dodging since the day they came back from Lehon. A week later Bastila finds herself alone.

Can yu tell I've been working that out as part of my ongoing, mental KotOR fanfiction since I'm to lazy to start writing another novel?

POST SCRIPT: Qliveur is right, pale Bastila is equal to or greater than tanned or normal Bastila.

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