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puzzled by something that isn't a puzzle

Hey all,

I was an avid lucasarts adventure fan back in the day (MI is my fav). When Grim Fandango came out in the late 90's for some reason despite the excellent reviews, I wasn't drawn to it. Anyhow, I have just returned home from India SICK and need something to keep me company, so I for some reason again decided to go buy Grim Fandango.

Ok thats my little intro .

Basically, I have a real short attention span these days. I have become stuck in GF! So I come on the net to cheat (just a smidge), the thing is it's not the puzzle puzzling me... I CANNOT find the 'communications room'. The pink Comm Demon appears to come out of the 'packaging room'. I cannot find any doors in the vicinity which open into a 'communications room'. From the research I have done, it should be either in the package room, opposite it or next to it. Where is it ??

These types of 'puzzles', like the good ole pixel hunting of days past, drive me bonkers.

Thanks very much guys.
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