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Silence. The weight of it oppressed me, far more than even the blazing words of Master Onuu had. Now there was to be a duel--sparring duel, but a duel nonetheless. What had this Order come to when we settled all our problems through lightsabers? Mayhap we had always been this way, and I had been too naive to realize it before.

"Itreya, I tire of this," said the Grandmistress, seeing that neither Master Gravinustus nor Knight Vontrapar had made a move to begin sparring. "I wish to hear the report from Master Onuu about the Sith, and I feel my talents would be better served there. As for you, keep an eye on things, and I shall communicate to you through the Force. We have a keen connection, you and I, a bond of friendship and apprenticeship. I shall sense your alarm if this sparring duel becomes more than that." She turned to leave.

"My Lady has spoken," I said as I brandished my dvukhplanochniy, my double-bladed lightsaber. Its silver beams split the air with a quick whiff of ozone and chill. "If this duel turns into more than a test of skill, I shall be forced to intervene with mine."

Ah! Nephew--it is good to see you again. The Grandmistress' thoughts spoke. Please forgive me for that outrage of a Council meeting, which disgraced the memory of my husband and your uncle. I've left my servant in charge of the farce that is to take place between Grandmaster Gravinustus and Knight Jasper Vontrapar. Hopefully, this will teach them all a lesson in humility, for they would dare not harm each other. As for me, I wish to hear your intelligence report on the Sith. What are their plans?
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