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“Um… Yeah, I just have a bit of a headache.” Alec lied to the doctor. “Just venting my anger.”

Alec walked around the table to his seat and looked at the food on the table, he already felt bad and he knew eating what Latch just made would not make him feel any better.

“Anyway Jyot.” He addressed his mechanic. “When we touchdown you and Latch’ll go to Zeek and get a Job, Nothing too heavy just so it pays to keep us movin’.”

“Who is this Zeek, if you don’t mind me asking?” The doctor curiously said.

“He’s a middle man for Mercs, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, basically low-lives, He’s discreet and trustworthy so both the people who hire him and are hired by him know they get a good deal.” Alec explained. “He always has some work, so he’s a good person to know in our line of work.
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