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The van slid around the corner, heading along the warehouses like a drunken bear on steroids. Peter cursed. The vehicle was about as easy to drive and maneuverable as a horse that had been heavily dosed with LSD.

That silver concoction had sort of put drugs on his mind.

He slammed the brakes, sending the lumbering monstrosity into a skid across asphalt, bumping it's way through potholes before it finally halted. "Well, that was fun. I always hated this place, somebody hexed the bloody road."

Claude, James, and their client were already out front. He popped the door, briefly wondering what to do with the other two. He shrugged. They were grown women, they could decide. He left his shotgun in the van and got out.

"We're ready, boss, although Dania isn't looking too good."
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