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Beating the Dead Sasha/Milla Horse

(So here I am at home, because my school was flooded from all of the wacky Ohio weather, with time on my hands. Yay, speculation!)

So anyway, I was replaying the game a few days ago, and I was wondering if Sasha and Milla were ever together.

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Woodnote!!1 They were\ SOO together!! ~~ Didn't you see Mila's memory vault?"

Of course I did, but when Raz finally shows up for Levitation practice, he mentions how Sasha said she was one of the best Psychonauts or something along the lines of that. Milla seems awful humbled, thinking to herself that she thought Sasha never noticed.

So nothing is exactly proven. Well, if you count the concept art and Milla's memory vault, I suppose it is. In a way I wish it were, just so that I can stop running into strange Sasha/Raz fanart.

Thanks a bunch.

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