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Golden Confusion Grenade Glitch

There's a glitch on the PS2 if Raz gets the Golden Confusion Grenades from Waterloo World and Gloria's Theater in addition to the one in Black Velvetopia.

Restarting the system and loading the save file Raz will be back to 5 Confusion Grenades capacity. PSI blast capacity will drop back to the starting 30, indicating the Golden Balls of Hate upgrades have also been lost. I didn't think to check if the Golden Helmet Upgrades vanished as well.

Immediately reloading the save file helped once. It may be a permanent fix. A player grabbing everything will have infinite ammo soon at Rank 95 in any case, but it's annoying for fighting Junior King Kong Cobra.

Alternating Confusion Grenades and Pyrokinesis will keep the Cobra stunned while doing burning damage. The damage keeps happening while throwing the next grenade. With 8 Confusion Grenades almost half of his health can be burned away in a single session.
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