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“That should be fine.” James reassured the Witch. “We’re just here to talk to an old friend.” He continued with a mocking smile.

James walked over to the door into the warehouse and opened it, through the door was a large room with plain walls. At the far wall was another door with two large men either side of it, to the left of the entrance was a coat check girl standing behind a desk and in front of the cloakroom.

James led the group over to the table and smiled at the girl behind it as he looked up at a poster on the wall. It was a forbidden goods poster, things that weren’t allowed in the Necro crypt. The first few weren’t too odd Guns and Knives, but then their were pictures of crucifixes, wooden stakes and old medieval axes. James undid his holster and placed it with his gun on the desk and then proceed to pull Silver and wooden stakes out of his pockets and place them next to hit.

“Your coat Sir.” The young girl said revealing to long fang like teeth when her mouth opened.

“We won’t be here long.” He replied as he moved to the side so the rest of the group could check their Guns, Swords and other weapons.
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