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Exclamation Serious Issues!


I just recently downloaded OJP Enhanced. Looks awesome by the way. The installer I received was from the main sticky, and I used ModDb to download. Everything went fine. I also clicked on the two pk3s and dlls in I think were in maxstate (?) siggy. I downloaded those as well. I followed the instructions of the downloader, deleted the old pk3s, and installed the new ones. I then proceeded to try to start the game. Two errors occur, I have screenies XD.

This first is if I click the shortcut installed. (Note: There is no runojpenhanced.bat in my folder... Only a runojpenhanceddedicatedserver (names arent exact) so yeah, its like I cant just... start the game.) Anyways, shortcut error....

Now, seeing as that didn't work, I tried elsewise. I started JAMP, then went to the Mod screen, and clicked, after about 10 seconds, I get this...

This game is pretty well clean. It is v1.01, or whatever the most updated is. I have the CD, this is a laptop XP version, made in the last year or so. I have UU, and one skin. No other mods whatso-ever, unless you count Ultra Utility. So im really at a loss of what to do, any help?
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