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well i found 4 levels,but there are no textures for most of the levels,i hope the team doesnt get angry,but in the level build there are the levels robotics,narshada,fuelstat and jabship.just type in map robotics and you should see a large part of the level,at least the outside,and the same with narshada,with that one i no clipped around but a large portion of the map is there.with the fuelststion its only the begining,and with jabbas ship again its only the begining,the only one with enemies is the fuelstation.if you also look there are shaders for impcity,the executor and also the last level called arc,which i take it means arc hammer.but it loooks like the levels robotics and narshada were almost completed,at least seems to be almost hence my question above.hpe that helps.
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