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Jo cocked a crooked eyebrow at the fanged girl, then shook her head dismissively. "Kids and their quest to be different," she muttered under her breath, thinking that the girl could have spent her money more wisely than on Gothic-Vamp dental implants.

She started to follow James, but then the girl nodded at her bag. "Your bag, ma'am? if you're taking it inside, I have to search it."

"Search it? Search it for what?"

The girl nodded nonchalantly over her shoulder to the poster depicting the club's contraband on the wall behind her.

"Oh, for goodness sake...," Jo complained. She compliantly set her large handbag on the counter, but when the girl went to search it, Jo smacked her hand. "I'll take out the contents myself, thank you very much," she said rather irritably as she opened up her bag. "It's degrading enough to have a stranger examine my personal belongings just to gain entry into an establishment that hides itself away in a warehouse."

She took out her wallet, a comb, a small notepad, a mobile phone, a pencil, and a pack of peppermint gum. Next came a cosmetic powder compact, a tube of mascara, a lipstick, a travel-size can of hairspray, another pencil with several elastic hair bands wrapped around it, and a small box of tissues. A bottle of vitamin supplements followed, then a ruler, some wax crayons, another pencil, a pen, a handful of paper clips, an oatmeal snack bar, a few hard mints wrapped in cellophane, a small plastic doll with scraggly blonde hair, and then a utility bill, and a souvenir lighter of the London Eye boasting it was 135m off the ground.

"I've got feminine 'supplies' in the small zippered pocket," Jo said to the girl, as she rummaged deeper into the purse, "but as a fellow female, I suppose you already know what they look like?"

The girl sighed, and just waved her arm dismissively over the innocuous items on the table. "Just... go in."

Jo repacked her bag, and went to stand by James. "Do you have to do this every single time you come here?"

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