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Well, I un-installed the game, and then installed. After that, I went to gamedata, made ojpenhanced folder, put JUST the two pk3s in... Then I went back to gamedata and put the .bat file. I got the exact same errors... I hadnt even added any skin/models yet. Then, out of curiousity, took the files from the installer (except the pk3s) and put them in that folder. Still, the exact same thing... So, any ideas? I even un-installed UU... If I put the playojp.bat thing in the ojpenhanced folder, it flashes black for all of a second, then dies... if its in gamedata, it gets that first console error seen above. And yes, my completely regular JA is working. So its not the CDs or anything.

P.S. Yes, I updated to 1.01 first...
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