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Okay, further details....

I re d/led both those files, again. I put the enhancedstuff.pk3 in, and it worked like a charm. The only issue was the sabers still looked kinda funny, and the niman backstab animation glitch. I then attempted to put the enchanceddll.pk3 in, and thats when I got all those silly errors. I kinda said w/e and went online to try OJP out. (Tis massively awesome, I love Niman, Makashi, and Shii Cho) There I met with a couple people, and they were able to supply me with a working dll, so that the only glitch I can see is sabers are still wierd :/ So, something about that dll file in your siggeh maxstate is what appears to have given me those errors. However, thanks to said people, I was able to get a working version, and youve got a new player for OJP ^^

So yeah, I dont have issues anymore, but others might, so you might want to check out that dll file...
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