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Originally Posted by Seph
This happened a while ago but I have been without Internets but I was giving a friend a ride after school and we went down a road that has an alternate exit and a car who didn't see me cause another car was in his way and he went and I tboned him going thirty miles an hour was knocked out for a sec got out noticed it was one of my friends, and that if I didn't stomp on the brake he wouldve died. Then like 6 hours later the adrenaline wore off and I felt extreme pain in my ribs, knee and mouth. My ribs were bruised so bad I had some red spots on the bruise my knee was not completely in place and my front two teeth were loose, but a month later the only thing still bugging me is my ribs.

I hit 2 cars yesterday at 40mph at around 3:45pm. T-boned a SUV and hit an old Monte Carlo headon. I was in my sister's Ford Focus. I crumpled the front up. My head hit the airbag and my hands hit the dashboard. My knuckles are bruised up and it hurts to type right now. Left clavical is bruised from the seatbelt, my forehead is cut up a little bit, and my rubs are killing me. It hurts to breathe and talk. I got checked out at the hospital and they said nothing is broken. I still have a pounding headache from yesterday.

It's a crummy picture from my cellphone but this is whats left if it.

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