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Originally Posted by PurpleMuffin
I know, old thread but I had been searching for this link for EVER and since it was dead now I figured other people might need help looking too

The regular link is gone but if you use the wayback machine you can find it! Tadaaa clairvoyance!
Thanks for the tip. I had to copy the link for each image and paste it into the Internet Archive but now they're all on my hard drive.

The Matador is missing. He sees Raz as a picador. Reference the Matador calling Raz a picador after Raz hits Edgar with the banderillas.

Non-zealot Lungfish are also missing. They see Raz as Goggolor.

When Raz is holding a rose the window senoritas in Black Velvetopia see him the same way Lili does.

The rabbit-eye plants in the Brain Tumbler Experiment see Raz as the buzzing gnat of Elka, Franke, and Kitty.

At one point Jasper the Critic sees Raz as a bellboy, same as the Emotional Baggage. Perhaps when he takes the script?

The Hatbox has to be presumed. Clairvoyance just shows the yellow inside of its closed eyelids.

Bunnies include the combat helmeted bunnies at the Cannon in Basic Braining.

The occupants of the cars in the Milkman Conspiracy see blackness, lightening to deep, dark purple if Raz jumps up so they're looking at him through the window tinting. Way too dark to make out anything. They briefly see a normal view of Raz if he's behind the car when he opens the trunk.
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