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Originally Posted by Darth Balor
What resolutions are widescreen?
I use 1440 x 900, 1360 x 768 should work as well. There are others but I normally use one of those.

Also, for some (edit: obvious) reason the 1280 x 960 and 1280 x 1024 patch had the UI go below the edge of the screen for me, so I used the 1024 x 768 one instead. Now the UI icons are closer to the middle, but at least it's possible to use them.

EDIT: I ran it in 1360 x 768 and now it looks very much as it should. I wonder why there isn't a 1152 x 864 or 1280 x 900 interface version so I could use the 1440 x 900 resolution properly.

EDIT #2: Eh, now I can't see the conversation choices. Oh well.

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