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D.J Prime walked into the small cantina. He was looking for a place to relax not far from the jedi temple. It was to crowded over there. To many padawans and apprentices. His trench coat moving when he walked. He had two blaster pistols hidden in it along with his light saber. D.J didn't like to look like he was armed so he kept his weapons hidden at all times. D.J also didn't give the look that he was a jedi out. It was the way he liked it. He liked to go in a mission undercover. D.J was always scolded to wear Jedi robes which he rarely did ever since his master died.

D.J walked and sat down a the counter. His vocabulator allowed him to speak basic however he still spoke with a Selkath accent.

"water with some kolto in it." He said slightly gurgling. D.J looked around and noticed another Jedi in the cantina. He was with an apprentice. The Jedi looked slight farmiliar. He was talking to a Mandalorian. He walked towards them.

"I noticed some mixed emotions running here." He said to the three of them

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