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Exclamation Two very very important question

Hi, i am again!
I have two question!
i'm doing a mod for JA . a fantasy mod for legacyofkain series. an amatorial sequel for defiance.
i have finished the first level, but for complete this i must to script with icarus.
my questions is:
1: how can i insert in the inventory panel of the level the objectives of missions?
2: how can i set the Force power of player at the start of level? my character start with NO POWER AND NO SABER!!!
3: how can i do for change the player character in every level?
(es: in the first level i pilot a ghost, in the second a vampire, etc etc)
4: i don't want use roq moevies in my mod. but i want use character dialogue with text on screen during the game!
dialogue as jaden does in t2_rancor level with elder prisoner, whne they give to he a security key! how can i do it?
Thanks for every answer.
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