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Kaleah listened for it and found him breathing, yet very shallow. His arm had been cut from elbow to shoulder. Nasty. The arrow had made its way through entirely so she didn't have to worry about the barbed head damaging him any further, although the shaft wouldn't feel any better. She pulled him by his uninjured shoulder and rested him against her own chest. She pulled out a pair of medical clippers and placed them gently around the shaft at the base of the head. She clipped it clean off. He jerked a bit in her arms but didn't wake.

Kaleah held him with one arm while she dug inside her bag and laid out the bandages and the poultices. She removed a long thick leather cord and forced it between his teeth. She did not want him biting off his tongue. She took in a long breath as she grasped the shaft. She pulled the cord in his mouth's ends with the arm she was holding him with so it would not fall out. Kaleah prayed softly.

Then she pulled hard, withdrawing the arrow completely.

"I have this friend who likes to use similes...he's like...he's like....annoying...."
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