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Kadis watched the timer. At the two minute mark, he flipped on the intercom. "Captain, we're about to drop out of Hyperspace." He felt vaguely uncomfortable. Maybe it was just paranoia, but he couldn't shake the feeling something rather bad was about to happen.

They always talk about ships lost in Hyperspace.

Every Spacer had heard the stories about ships who's Hyperdrives had malfunctioned during a jump and failed to switch off, leaving the ship trapped in Hyperspace, forever. Rumor has it that the Katana Fleet, the legendary two-hundred Dreadnought Republic Battle Fleet, was among those ships. He shivered, then shook the old spacer stories out of his mind. The Scimitar's hyperdrive was in good repair.

The counter ticked downwards, and Kadis watched it with worry, his hand resting on the manual switch. It wasn't very precise, but first flight on a new ship was always good reason to be cautious.
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