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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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James walked over to the door that the two large men stood by, although they appeared human James knew they were far from it. Both men looked down at James with emotionless faces and then one went to open the door for the investigators and their clients to step through.

“Don’t cause trouble Burke.” One of the large men threatened.

“That’s up to your boss.” James replied obviously un-phased by the large mans death.

The large man just snarled and then preceded with open the door. As the door cracked open the sound of loud alternative rock music filled the room. James stepped through the doorway into the even larger room within the warehouse, it was a nightclub with a large dance floor a stage currently hosting a live band playing the alternative rock music. Across one wall was a large bar that served everything from champagne to virgin blood, and small tables where spread out around it.

The Club was filled with all kinds of Darks, mostly vampires but other demons also littered the room, ones that couldn’t pass for human, including an 8’ red demon with goat horns and a scaly green creature that had a nose. They were doing everything from dancing by the stage to drinking blood from a champagne glass.

To someone who had never seen this kind of place before it would have probably shock and scared them, but for James this was normal, he saw places like this all the time.

“Say what you like about Vamps, they always have great live music.” James shouted over the loud noise. He then began to walk forward into the crowd of Darks, he pushed through presuming the rest would manage to keep up with him.

Soon they pushed through the crowd and came to an area that was raised over the dance floor where there was a large couch with a single man surrounded by scantily dressed women and some more large bodyguards. James walked up to the table in front of the man and stood there looking down at him.

“Well if it isn’t Jimmy one eye Burke.” The Man Said with a sinister grin that showed off his vampire fangs.

“We’re here for information Azule.” James replied.

“That’s the only reason you come here.” The vampire replied. “Maybe you should have a drink, we serve the best AB negative in all London.”

“Just the info today.” The PI demanded. “A Little girl went missing on London eye, magic was most probably involved, what do you know?”

“I know nothing about these disappearing girls.” Azule stated.

“Girls?” James raised an eyebrow. “I only mentioned one.”

((I'll yetyou guys get your 2 cents in, well pense as it is i the UK.))
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