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Jedi- The Purge Survivors

Star Wars
Jedi- The Purge Survivors

“I had just became a knight when it happened, when the traitor Anakin Skywalker marched through the halls of the Temple with his Clones and slaughtered all the Jedi he could find. My former master myself and six younglings hid at the beginning in the hope that we could get the word out before the slaughter reached the others, but it was to late.

So we decided to take the six younglings and get as far away from Coruscant as possible, ‘So the order could live on’ my master told me. This is why he sacrificed himself so I fulfil the charge of protecting those children, the future of all Jedi rested on their shoulders and mine.

Ten years had pass since that day, ten years I have trained the six younglings into Jedi and adulthood. Each has surpassed me in their own way and each are greater than I could ever be, but I am still their teacher, protector and friend…”


Kip was walking home from a nerf farm he had gotten a job on in an isolated area of Alderaan. He had been on the world for the past three months and now he was getting ready to leave for a new world, this move was spurned on by the recent construction of an imperial garrison not far from where the fugitive Jedi had been renting a home for himself and his charges.

Although the Padawans he had been training knew all the rules about using the force in public he thought it would be better to get as far away from the imperials as possible, besides four months is a long time to stay in one place when you’re on the run. This was his life, never to put down roots stay only long enough to aid in his Padawans training and then get out before anyone realises they were there.

The Nerf farm was the kid of work Kip had been taking, low paying and no paper work required to work there. He needed the money but needed to lie low so he worked long hours, this is why it was so late when he finally arrived home.

The House he was renting was simple, made from wood and stone like it was constructed before the discovery of durasteel.

He entered the home and smiled to see all the Padawans there studying, training or simply relaxing. He made a Rule telling them not to leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary and he was glad to see all five there… Then it dawned on him there was suppose to be six.

“Where’s Farran?” Kip asked with an un-amused look.
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