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Rayne powered down the remote he had been practicing with and extinguished his bronze lightsaber. Form training in a house as small as the one they were in wasn't easy, but then again, he had made do in worse conditions. Clipping his lightsaber to his belt, he strode over to Kip and bowed slightly. "Welcome back, Master."

"Where's Farran?" Kip asked, looking none too amused.

Rayne opened his mouth to answer, but stopped short. Truth be told, he didn't know where Farran was. He scoured his memory from the past few hours, trying to recall when exactly he'd lost track of his fellow Padawan. After a few moments, he shook his head. "I'm sorry, Master, he must have snuck out earlier on when we were studying. Probably wiped our memories just a bit so we wouldn't notice."
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