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1) Canon Lightside Female (or as close to canon as I can get) I prefer the sentinal/Watchman classes, though I may also choose the Counselor/Master combo.
2) Ossus Keeper Robe (since I consider the master robes ugly. They make me look fat as well. ) I also go with the Sesaresh circlet and Jal Shey gloves and belt.
3) Dual wielder here. I use a cyan with the Exile's crystal and Ruusan crystal and a silver or orange with the most lethal crystals I can find, often I also use the ultima pearl or the Ankares sapphire.
4) Form? The highest of the Force related forms or Soresu.
5) The Sith Lords made all other weapons obsolete. As Dissan would say, the Force is a weapon in Star Wars games and I treat Force lightening as my #1 weapon. Lightsabers and the like are only for the early stages before I get my Force stamina levels up and learn all the powers I like to play with. After that, I'll get the buffer powers, stongest to weakest as I'm able and I may grab Force Scream or Stasis Feild powers for amusment. I hate that about the Sith Lords; none can stand against you: where's the challenge in that?

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