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1) What classes are you?
Jedi Guardian / Sith Marauder

2) What items do you equip? Did your Exile wear robes or armor?
Strength enhancement items and heavy armor, I think it was a Mandalorian armor with around +12 and various resistances.

3) What kind of lightsaber do you wield? Single, Dual, or Double-bladed? And what color?
Dual-wield, one normal and one short. Red!

4) What Lightsaber form do you use the most?
Aggresive in conjunction with Master Fury or the one that is good versus many opponents. I did change my form on occasion to reflect what I was facing, primarily on bosses.

5) What Force Powers do you use to augment your saber skills? Or did you just use the Force as your blade?
Seeing as I was striding around in the heaviest of heavy armor I only really bothered with using one forcepower and that was the mass push, forgot the exact name.

Pretty sweet to jump from opponent to opponent cutting every single one down instantly while being an almost invulnerable tank! I specifically cherish the part where you assault the castle and have to fight your way upwards on a slope through I don't know how many enemies. Instantly killing every single enemy while force jumping my way up the ramp was pretty funny and that area was cleared so fast that I had to wait for my companions at the top, even managed to miss a trigger or something - at least one of them started a cutscene telling me about how I should clear this and that while I was already standing at the top with no enemies still standing! ^^
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