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Calinn looked up from the steaming pot of nerf stew she had been stirring to see Kip come through the door. She had hoped to finish it before he came home, but hadn't been able to. As she stirred a little quicker, she decided it was just as well, since he seemed to be on the verge of going out again after talking to Rayne and Zivon. Kip had asked where Farran was and truth be told, she couldn't remember where he'd disappeared to.

She kept mostly to herself anyway, as introverted as she was. It didn't help that she was the only girl in their little Jedi family, being raised alongside her fellow Padawans, all male. Kip did his best to instruct them all, but he was only one Master for a set of apprentices who would have had their own masters had the Jedi Order still existed. Of course, all that had been completely changed a decade ago, with the rise of Emperor Palpatine and his New Order. Now they were fugitives, never staying in one place for long, but still learning the ways of the Force.

Calinn turned the burner down and moved the pot off of it. She wiped her slightly greasy hands on her apron, then rounded the kitchen corner into the common room. "Will you be leaving again, Master?" she asked Kip.
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