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"I shall," replied my Lady, the look in her eyes as grave as the one in Master Onuu's. She took the holocron into her palm with a frightened clutch, almost as if she were afraid to touch it. "This news is dire," she said, "and if anyone else were to hear of it right now, the Order might be thrown into utter pandemonium for more than a day. Of course, it might strengthen our resolve to fight these Sith, but our resolve is weak."

She cleared her throat. "I meant to say my own resolve is weakened. Forgive me. I shall return to my senses ere long. As for you, Itreya, have you any questions?"

"I--!" I didn't know what to say. Hesitantly, I brandished my double-bladed silver saber after taking several steps back from the Younglings. Biting my lower lip, I started to perform the series of combat stances required for one form, and one form only...

"Sed'maya," I said. "Form VII. Juyo, Ferocity. I have a feeling I might--need it."
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