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1: Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weaponsmaster
2: Custom items I made from modding, robes, no headbands, cause all the headbands look like crap. Gloves that did 200+ unstoppable bonus damage, super-regenerating implant that boosted skills by 100 each and gave 50 FP regen and 50 HP regen, belt that makes me invulnerable to everything, armbands that do all kinds of cool stuff... etc, etc...
3: Dual Sabers, Viridian.
4: Makashi, Soresu, in unison with attack stacks of power attack, flurry, critical strike, repeat.
5:Custom force powers edited from the New high level force powers 2.0-2.1 mods, also the multiple force crush mod... Usually Force Chain lightning, mulitple force crush, force destroy, force suppression...

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