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SWBF2 doesn't work in SINGLE OR MULTIPLAYER!!!

Well, I usually just get on the computer and play SWBF2 like a casual person. But today I got on and when I went to play it, instead when I went to Multiplayer mode and clicked on the -=WGO= server it went to the "Joining Session" thing and counted to "1" and then the screen went black like usual before going to the loading screen of the map I was going to play on "Mos Eyesley" but it didn't go to the loading screen.

Instead it went back to Windows. I thought this was just a basic firewall problem because I restored windows earlier after this little spam device got on my computer that I fixed easily and is no longer on my computer.

I fixed it earlier (flashback ends).

Then I wanted to make sure that, THAT was the problem. But it wasn't because I went to SINGLE PLAYER MODE and went to TRAINING MODE, and it did the exact same thing but just went black screen-windows without the "Joining Session" thing ( because it wasn't a mulitplayer game).

I then reinstalled the game 2 TIMES, REMEMBER 2 TIMES. I uninstalled the game and went to the LuscaArts Folder and deleeted all the leftover files and when I installed it I made sure it put in all new files like when I first installed it and when I uninstalled it I made sure it deleted everything.

Now everything is gone and everything is back like I just bought the game and started playing it like on December 30th, 2007.

I tried the game again and IT DIDN'T WORK AGAIN!!!

I uninstalled xfire, i have no utorrent. I got nothing that is bad. I manually checked Luscas Arts folder for abd stuff. I did a anti-spyware scan with spybot. I even tried playing other games like StrongHold 2 and it works fine.

For some reaosn it doens't work and I am so lost and confused and I am in need of help =(.

Is it a simple solution of a complicated bug? Please post in this topic and help me or e-mail me at

Please Help Guys, and Thank You. (^_^)
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