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Red > Standard

1) I usually took Jedi Sentinel, since I wanted plenty of force powers as much as skill in normal combat. The prestige class was usually Jedi Master or Watchman, for the same reasons.

2) I typically wore Jedi robes for the first few play-throughs, but I later decided to stick with Baron Do Sage robes, which look pretty awesome (I like the dark red colouring) and give better bonuses than regular Jedi robes anyway.

3) Single blue lightsaber. It's what's for breakfast.

4) Typically the one for use against multiple blaster-wielders (forget the name).

5) Any buffs I could possibly get. Force Enlightenment, Master Battle Meditation, ect. Obviously, I had force heal (although it would've been better if it had more severe penalties for dark siders, forcing them to use the much more appropriate drain).

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