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Kadis proved to be a decent enough pilot as he'd brought the Scimitar in with a minimal amount of fuss. Latch was glad that they had made it in a reasonable amount of time, since he was looking forward to being able unwind following their rather stressful mission. He was also keen on finding some decent food, as his culinary experiment on the ship had left him desiring something easier on his stomach.

As he and Jyot exited the spaceport, they looked around to take in the sights. "Ah, good to see that some things never change, eh?" Latch remarked to his friend. Indeed, Station A12-76 looked exactly the same from when they'd last made a stop here. It was a pretty isolated station, and that made it a prime spot for a mercenary crew like the Scimitar's. At first glance, it seemed to be devoid of amenities and scarce on services, but an experienced spacer would know where to look and who to contact in order to uncover the hidden goods. And Jyot and Latch happened to be two such spacers.

"Do you think we should hit up Zeek first, then go fishing for 'parts'?" Latch asked, looking over at his fellow Corellian.
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