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“The bounty hunters are on board my Lord” said the Admiral.

“Good, I shall meet them in a moment” replied Darth Caedus. But then he felt a strange disturbance in the force. One that he himself is familiar with…he thought of his daughter, Allana, and he sighed in sadness.

He stormed into the bridge of the Solo, and when he saw that there were seven bounty hunters standing in there he stood and said,

“The assignment is not as simple as it may seem hunters. You have to face the Falcon to get me my child, alive and without a scratch. And know that if you succeeded a huge prize shall be awaiting you”

He said yet then he dismissed them, all except Aito the bounty hunter, “for I sense you surpass them all, in technique as well as in determination.” He said spoken to the bounty hunter…
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