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Originally Posted by stoffe
Great news that a PC version is in the works, seems like it's time to start caring about this game and see what it is about. I just hope the system requirements aren't too draconian.
Just don't believe everything you read, good or bad. People claim to have completed the game in like 7 hours, but the shortest play through Iíve ever had was like 24 hours the first time I played. My guess with your knowledge of other games, you take your time and really explore. My last time through, I believe my seventh, took 56 hours. There are many Easter Eggs hidden throughout the game, many I had no clue what they were about, but with your knowledge of games you might.

Still have to play the game as a renegade, Iíve tried, but was not able to get to 75% in order to get the Xbox achievement. I am trying to figure out with all the help youíve given me in the past would I recommend this game to you. After all, you made Oblivion complete enjoyment for me. Best I can say, Mass Effect is a beautiful, well written and has a great ending, but it also has flaws and some plot holes. Yes, I would recommend it, especially since you did not follow all the hype. Just know that combat is not turn based.

One request, if you do indeed get Mass Effect, I would really like to see the PC you create with the Character Creation system Bioware came up with for Mass Effect. If you can do what you did with Oblivionís Character Creation system, I canít wait to see your Mass Effect PC.

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