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Post What maps from JK1 would you want remade?

So, it appears that while folks from Raven do occasionally post, they don't generally lead any discussions. I guess that leaves it up to us to volunteer whatever information can be provided.

There's been some interesting conversations on lightsaber moves, force powers, game types, etc, but I was wondering what maps from Jedi Knight 1 (and Mysteries of the Sith) people want to see remade into JK2 maps. I played the hell out of JK single player, but didn't get any real netplay in, so I'm personally not too familiar with them myself... The reason I ask is not just to get people talking, but I personally think it would be fun to recreate some of the favorite JK1 maps if Raven didn't do so. But of course if Raven reads this thread and puts all the favorites into JK2, it would make people happy and save me some work to boot.

Apologies if this topic has been posted already.

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